A New Paradigm:

A pattern of thinking, a new model of living in Harmony with the earth, each other and ourselves.

A Spirited Life:

A life full of Energy, Enthusiasm and Determination.

Hi ~ I am Angie! Welcome to “The Currant”

I am so excited you have found my little part of the web, my virtual home! Congratulations and welcome!

This mean you are beginning to:

  • Live & Flow with Life’s current ~
  • Be filled with the Loving, Spirited energy current ~
  • Living in the current moment ~

This is what Life is all about!

Join me & I would be honoured to help you see the WHOLE picture!

There is Magic in our Wholeness & Wholeness is the New Paradigm


Lets turn our fears into Faith & awaken the wise Spirit of Humanity!

As the Hopi say…

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

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Discover books, cards & more to expand your spirit and consciousness.

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Products for your journey to healthier living.

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Explore a variety of unique teas for your pleasure.

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Natural and Organic skin care for all skin types.


Locally roasted, Fair Trade and Organic.

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Enjoy the latest in natural and organic fashion & many other fashion accessories to achieve your look!

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