I grew up in South Western Ontario Canada.  When I was 17 all  I knew was that I wanted to help Mother Earth. I learned about the amazing Hemp plant that year. I knew this plant had the potential to change the world!


I also realized that nobody knew about this plant and that it was illegal in most countries! As luck would have it, Canada, where I am from, legalized it the following year.  When I was finished high school I decided to start my own business!


I started “Earth Savour” Biocompatible Products. I started making hemp soap, selling hemp seeds, hemp clothes and more. I did Hemp home parties, markets and festivals.  I did public speaking anywhere I could! My seminar was called “The Hemp Plant – Past, Present and Future.”

Around the same time, I healed myself from a health issue using alternative medicines. Search everything about natural health and got certified as a holistic nutritionist!


I started another business called “Health Savour”. I went to people’s homes and consulted with them on how to get healthy, lose weight – whatever they needed!


I did this until 2002 and then moved out to Kelowna, B.C. to work on a Hemp research project. All while running my business out there!

I moved home in 2004 because of family and purchased an old Victorian building and restored it back to its original beauty. Then I combined the two businesses and opened “The Currant” Organic General Store


Now I am launching a new spin off of “The Currant” online called “A New Paradigm in Spirited Living” in which I offer my expertise as a New Paradigm Guide. I help people gain fresh perspectives, grow and flourish so they can become the person they were meant to be.


I still sell all my best selling products in my store and online. In addition, I am now filling my store with locally made products and art. I’m also offering more workshops and courses!


Welcome to my online home where I support and promote all things to do with the New Paradigm, a hemp and spirited life full of wisdom, knowledge and action!