In 1999 after being involved in a research and development project in B.C, for a Canadian Patent containing Hemp oils and other compounds we became aware of poisonous chemicals in other consumer products. We truly felt deceived by products our families have been consuming for decades. We started Earth Savour Soap co. and this led to our own studies of oils, soaps, fabrics, food, teas and practically All Organic, Natural or Earth friendly products. In 2004 we purchased and restored a 1890 Victorian Building and opened “The Currant” Organic General Store. Now closer to family at 216 Main st. Parkhill On. “The Currant” has stayed true to it’s roots which started to grow more than 20 years ago. “The Currant” still holds Hemp and Organic products at the fore front of it’s environmental approach, while still offering a wide range of products & services for everyone to enjoy.