My name is

Angie Richter

After 22 years helping 1000’s of people in my local area, the beautiful shores of Lake Huron Ontario Canada, I want to reach out to the rest of the world!

I am:


~Certified Holistic Health Consultant

~New Paradigm Guide

~Brick & Mortar Store Owner

~Hemp, Health, Spirit

~Public Speaker

~Facilitator of circles, seminars & ceremonies

I want you to know that you can DO/BE/HAVE anything you want.
You must have the desire to go after it. I can help show you the way.

I have two missions in life:

»To live in balance & harmony with nature

»Help others do the same

...when you DO the magical essence of life awakens
& you can use it for the greater good.
Follow the way of the heart;
the way of the earth.
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We are far more powerful than what we have been told.
We have the power to change anything. We are all connected~ALL ONE!

So let's go ALL IN & do this together!
Let's do our part to make this world a better place.

"A World Of Good"